Q: "Catholics do not encourage people to read the Bible because they don't want people to see their mistakes."

A: When we look back in history, we do discover that there was a time when the Church did not want people to read the Bible. It was sad and frustrating that that had to happen because of the conditions that the Church had to face. Way back in the 16th century in Europe, there was a time period called "the Reformation" which was solely started by a man named Martin Luther. While details of the situation will not be discussed here (it could take up a book to write on the subject), neither will links be provided on relevant information on the Reformation (the viewer can look those up at will). But it was because of the things that Martin Luther was saying about the Church that the Church had to set up the Council of Trent to fix things up. Because of the Reformation, the Council had to discourage people from reading the Bibles for fear that they may misinterpret the Bible, draw their own conclusions, and challenge Church authority. In fact, people in those days do a lot of things that can really screw things up for the Church. Also, the Church at that time has a lot of political power. The things that they do back then would seem normal to the people of that time, but would seem really frightening by today's standards especially in the Western world.