Q: Does the catholic church teach that just by doing more good deeds, you can also go to heaven?

A: Certainly not. What the Church is saying is that you can believe in Jesus and be saved thus, but you still have to practice love by taking God's love for you and radiating it out to others. As the Bible says, "...Keep on working with fear and trembling to complete your salvation (Phil 2:12)". So one can see that even though we've been baptized, we are only redeemed by Christ. We have to continue living as God's children so that we will actually be saved by going to heaven. We are put on to a new path of life which will lead us to eternal life, provided that we persevere. Also, if you were to judge somebody according to what he has done and then send him either to heaven or hell, would you have somebody who has whole heartedly believed and got baptized but then somehow got lost, go to heaven or would you rather have somebody who did not believe but has done good to many by the true will of his heart, go to heaven? Common sense tells us that the first person can not go to heaven as of yet and the Bible tells us that the second person can not go to heaven. We believe that God will do something (even after death) for the first person so as to save him from having to go to hell, and maybe also for the second person because if God really was love, he would not just allow the soul of that second person to go to hell no questions asked. Our Lord is Merciful and Just and I trust that He will do something about that after death.