Q: Why all this attention to Mary and the Saints? Isn't Jesus good enough?

A: It's up to you whether you want to pray to Mary or not. It's not as if anyone is making you pray to them. A person may never have said a 'Hail Mary' (the most common prayer to Mary) and still go to heaven. If you think you can talk to God and noone else but God, then go right ahead. Mary, the Saints, and the Angels are there to assist in prayer because they don't have to worry about working on saving themselves. If we choose to, we can ask them to help us out. It's just that some of the times when God helps us, He sends his Angels to carry out the task for Him; possibly because it is God's desire to have an interaction between His creatures out of love and to glorify His Name. Since we are all creations of God, we are in the same pool and we can help each other. A similar situation happens in school. When we have questions, we could ask the teacher. But sometimes we feel more comfortable to ask fellow classmates or TA's instead. Why? Because there somehow is still a kind of gap in between the teacher and us due to the teacher being better than us. The same thing is with God and us. Some people do get freaked out with having to face such a powerful being. Mary, being our loving Mother, can assist in helping us approach the big guy. It's just like some people who, when they were kids and they get bullied, they look up to their big brother or their mother to stand up for them.