Q: Jesus said that he won't be coming to earth until 'the Day'. So how can you say that Jesus appeared?

A: True, the Bible did say that. But the Bible also indicates that after Jesus rose from the dead (Mt 28:18, Mk 16:14, Lk 24:36, Jn 21:1), He appeared to His disciples a few times before going back to heaven. He wasn't hanging around with them full time like He was before He was taken by the soldiers. Besides, what people saw were visions; not actual physical appearances that we can touch.

Q: "Mary was not always a virgin. She gave birth to other sons."

A: That is not true. When we read the Bible, we have to be aware of what we are actually reading. The original manuscripts were written in Hebrew or Aramaic, Latin, and Greek (not English). I forget which one of these languages it is but in one of them, there is no word that is equivalent to 'cousins'; the same word for 'brothers & sisters' are used for 'cousins'. It is unlike the Chinese language where family member titles are sorted out very well. Furthermore, all Christians are brothers & sisters in God, but we're not biological brothers & sisters.