History of the Christian Church


Official Church Documents (McGill U.)

Early Church Documents (U. of Evansville)

Early Church Documents (circa 96-150 A.D.) (M.I.T)

Two Thousand Years of Catholic Writings (Carnegie Mellon U.)

Early Christian Writings

Christian Classics Ethereal Library (Wheaton College)

Papal Encyclicals Online (Australia Public Access Network Assoc.)

Encyclicals and Other Papal Documents (American University)

Download The Complete Early Church Fathers Collection in WinHelp Format

Vatican Exhibit (U. of N.C.)

St. Augustine documents

Code of Canon Law


Church Fathers, Saints, and Christian Antiquities (links)

some Early Church Fathers (American U.)

Early Church Writers (U. of Penn.)

Fathers of the Church (catholic encyclopedia)

Doctors of the Church (A.P.A.N.A)

CCEL server (Calvin College -- Reformed tradition)

The List of Popes (catholic encyclopedia)

Various Early Writings (wesley.nnc.edu/noncanon/)


Journal of Early Christian Studies (John Hopkins U.)

Early Church On-line Encyclopedia (U. of Evansville)

Catholic Encyclopedia

Historical Studies Sites (Fordham U.)

EWTN's Digital Library Search

Leadership U.

Catholic History Archives (huge list)

Dr. Warren H. Carroll's Database of Church History

Yuri's Church History

Theology and Church History (Fr. William Harmless, S.J.)


Church History (links galore!!!)

Eusebius' Ecclesiastical History (Wheaton College)

The Council of Trent (Hanover College)

A History of the General Councils (Mgr. Philip Hughes)

A History of the Church up to the Reformation (Mgr. Philip Hughes)

Ancient and Medieval Church History Timeline (a Protestant?)

History of Dogmatic Theology (catholic encyclopedia)

American Christianity

Chronology 1ce-199ce

Chronology 200ce-640ce

Ecole Chronology Project

Ecoloe Glossary

U.S. Catholic Historical Society

Catholic "Scandals" & Shortcomings (B.E.C)

Development of Doctrine (B.E.C)


- The Inquisition (includes tips to deal with anti-Catholic charges regarding History)

- Great Heresies

- Luther's Revolt

- Massacre on Saint Bartholomew's Day

- Luther's 95 Theses

- Major Articles (from Ecole Initiative)

Other Stuff

Dead Sea Scrolls (U. of N.C.)

Christian Catacombs of Rome

Catholic Documents, etc... (B.E.C)

Internet Theology Resources

Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma (Ludwig Ott)

An Image Archive (from Ecole Initiative)

Selected Works of Luther

Misrepresentations of Church History Beware!!!

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