School District No. 43 Coquitlam


Roy Stibbs Elementary School
I was there in Grade 1 and 2.
It burned down in (1996?) by arson. They had to rebuild a new one.

  1. Miss Taylor
  2. Mrs. Grimshaw (sort of humpbacked)

Mountain View Elementary School
I was there from Gr. 3 through 7.

  1. Mrs. Hrushoway
  2. Mr. Guy Lacomte
  3. Mrs. Larkin (teaches music as well), Mr. Brian R. Evans (principal), Mr. Comer
  4. Mr. Mark Wong
  5. Miss Susan Barrio

**My favorite year was Gr. 7. We had a lot of fun including camping at
  Capilano. I went to Hong Kong that year too. Our teacher (we were her
  first class she taught as a registered teacher) got married about half
  a year after we left. We had built a few planters lined with wooden poles
  but they took it all down around 1996 or something.

  Grade 6 was probably the worst. But I did have fun when we went to

Dr. Charles Best Junior Secondary School
I was there from Gr. 8 through 10.
It became "Charles Best Middle School" starting in 1996.

  1. Homeroom= Mrs. Knapp (went to Centennial in 1995)
    Art= Mr. Pietrasko
    English= Mrs. Knapp
    French= Mrs. Christine Wakeling
    Home Economics= Ms. Dallin, Mr. Ian MacGregor
    Math= Mr. Anthony Williams (now "Erica")
    Phys. Ed.= Miss Fisher?, Mr. Harold Morioka
    Science= Mr. Sandy Hill
    Social Studies= Mr. MacDonald
  1. Homeroom= Mr. Van Ginkel
    English= Mrs. Sonya (sp?) Kuperis
    French= Mrs. Christine Wakeling
    Foods & Nutrition= Mrs. Jennings
    Keyboarding= Mr. Coates
    Math= Mr. Davidson
    Phys. Ed.= Mr. Greg Haywood
    Science= Mr. Allan, Mr. Anthony Williams
    Social Studies= Mr. Gary Jennings

**The course I should have taken was Power Mechanics instead of Foods. The
  latter was a total waste of time. The only thing I liked about it was the
  labs where we get to cook stuff.
  1. Homeroom= Mr. Gary Jennings
    Business= Mr. Coates, Mr. Harold Morioka
    Electronics= Mr. Ian MacGregor
    English= Mr. Ivano Cecchini
    French= Mrs. Christine Wakeling
    Math= Mr. Ken Cober
    Phys. Ed.= Mr. Greg Haywood
    Science= Mr. Sandy Hill
    Social Studies= Miss Graf, Mr. MacDonald

**Grade 10 was my favorite year. The most memorable time was going on Mr.
  Hill's Science 10 field trip to 3rd Beach in Stanley Park. The sky was
  clear and it wasn't even cold (for a Janurary). You could see from across
  the water the nightlights of downtown while listening to the soft waves
  rushing to shore. It was marvelous.
  Electronics was fun as well. We made an LED circuit complete with a gamepad
  style controller. We then attached the circuit to a box which somebody wore
  over the head and then controlled his movements just by making the
  different LEDs light up. It was hilarious!

  Business Ed was quite good too. I copied drawings of two of my favorite
  dreamhomes (from the "Street of Dreams") which I had visited previously.

  In French, we had lunch at Jean-Pierre's Restaurant in Bentall Centre in
  downtown. The restaurant is no longer there now.

Centennial School Centennial Centaurs
It was a senior secondary school (gr. 11-12), but since 1996 it became a [high] school educating gr. 10 through 12.
A good school with strong academic performance records (in the past anyway).

  1. Chem 11= Mrs. Jennifer Madoc-Jones
    Math= Mr. Peter Giltrow, Mr. Norm Nieken
    English= Mr. John Gould
    Social Studies= Miss Karen Mitchell
    Physics= Mr. Lance Munro
    French= Mr. Joe Morassutti (saw him selling something in PNE once)
    Computer Studies= Mr. David McQuillan
  1. English= Mr. Tracy Fairley, Miss ? (exchange from Australia)
    Math= Mr. Norm Nieken
    Physics= Mr. Lance Munro
    Chem= Mr. Michael Larsen
    Bio= Mr. Ron Kimoto, Mr. Bud Lissimore
    Calculus= Mr. Bruce Jordan
    Accounting 11= Miss Patricia (Trish) Sloan

**The courses I should have taken were Data Processing 11 & 12 instead of
  (or plus) CSc. 11. Would've been a lot more practical I think.
  Accounting 11 was so easy that it wasn't even a joke like I originally
  thought it would be.

**Also took Biology 11 during the summer at Sir Charles Tupper Secondary School in Vancouver. It was pretty good because we ended up not being able to do any labs whatsoever. We did a little report which ended up being ignored after it was marked.
The highlight of Bio 12 was the piglet dissection. Somebody tied a string around its mouth which was already ripped open and then hung the thing (without wrapping it up with damp paper towels) inside the fridge. It shriveled up after the weekend and we could nearly see through the skin. Actually I saw it on Friday and announced it but I was completely ignored apparently.

Courses I have taken in University
First Year Second Year Third Year Summer '98 Fourth Year Summer '99
Phys_112 Econ 103 Econ 104 ED-D 316 Japa 149 Anthropology 100
Chem 101 Econ 104 Econ 203 ED-D 317 Econ 333 Economics 325
Math 100 Econ 203 Econ 246 Econ 305 Econ 345 Economics 330
Math 102 Econ 204 Econ 250 Econ 306 Poli 350 Economics 410A
Econ 201 Econ 245 Econ 312 - Econ 311A ED-B 360
Econ 202 Chin 149 Econ 317 - Econ 321 English 225
Psyc 100A CSc 105 Chin 200A - Econ 435
Engl 115 Math 103 Chin 200B - ED-B_363
Engl 116 Psyc 100B Ling 360 - Soci 100

**It would've been better if I took a general in Economics and a general in
  Computer Science. I could then also broaden my range of courses even more.

Subject Interest Rating
1- Excellent, 2- Pretty Good, 3- Okay, 4- Not that good, 5- Sucks

Anthropology= 2
Chemistry= 4

  • First Year: 2
  • Second Year: 4

  • Computer Science
  • Word Processing: 2
  • Programming: 3

  • Economics
  • Econometrics/Statistics: 3
  • Micro. Theory: 4
  • Macro. Theory: 3
  • Cdn. Econ. History: 2
  • Law: 2
  • Healthcare: 3
  • Environmental:3
  • Public Finance: 3
  • Financial, Banking: 3
  • Mathematical: 3
  • International: 4

  • Education
  • Communications: 3
  • Learning Technology: 3

  • English
  • Essay Writing: 3
  • Literature: 4
  • Business Communication: 2

  • Japanese= 3
    Linguistics= 3
    Math= 3
    Physics= 3
    Political Science (Public Admin)= 2
  • Biological: 3
  • Applied: 2

  • Sociology= 2

    Post-Secondary Institutions I would have gone to:

    That would have kicked if I actually went to UT!

    Post-Secondary Application Service

    Post-Secondary Institutions I actually went to:

    Original intention was a biochem major, but...

    And after UVic...

    Options I have considered...

  • Software Systems Development Program @ BCIT

  • Object Technology Program (SFU)
  • Alternative Routes to Computing (UBC/SFU)

  • Places I would dream of studying at... :-)

    Smithsonian Institute
    Popular Science
    National Geographic
    The National Academies
    National Research Council Canada
    Nat'l Institute of Standards & Technology
    BRINT (Business & Technology Search)
    Peterson's Education Center
    Econ Dept's offering PhD's (Cdn & US)
    Economic Institutions & Dept's (World-wide)
    World-wide Colleges & Universities
    Canadian Universities
    American Universities
    UK Universities
    Ass'n of Cdn Comm. Colleges
    Ass'n of U's & Colleges of Canada

    UVic's Taiwanese Association
    Open Learning Agency
    Post-Secondary Application Service

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