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Recent News Headlines [EWTN]
Pope Adds Five New Mysteries to the Rosary Rosarium Virginis Mariae [EWTN copy, with links], [Chinese Translation]
The Pope on World Youth Day 2002

Dark Hour - On the recent sex scandals (Mark Shea)
Sex Abuse - A Response (Fr. Roger Landry)
Final Communique (Vatican Response... ALSO news)
10 Myths about Priestly Pedophilia (CRISIS' Magazine's Deal Hudson)
Why Married Priesthood will not Remedy the Priest Shortage
Reserving Priestly Ordination to Men Alone (Pope John Paul II)
==> Is "Ordinatio Sacerdotalis" an Infallible Exercise of the Extraordinary Papal Magisterium?

Excommunicating Certain Groups
==> A Report on the dissendent group "Call to Action"
==> Inside Call to Action
==> Frances Kissling & "Catholics For a Free Choice"
==> A Report on "Voice of the Faithful"

The Evolution Debate (envoy magazine article)
Pope's 1996 Statement on Evolution
Various Responses: [leadershipU] | [St. Catherine Review] | [Christianity Today] | [Nat'l Ctr for Science Ed.]

the message of Fatima
Church Council Contradictions?!
Fides et Ratio (Pope John Paul II)
Liturgical Music after Vatican II (interview with the Director of the Sistine Chapel Choir)

The Belief of Catholics (from the genius convert "Ronald Knox")
Joy of Catholics (envoy magazine)
Understanding Our Faith better as Catholics (Peter Kreeft)
Faith of Catholics (forum post)
Catholic is not enough (envoy magazine)

Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity (Vatican II)
On Evangelization in the Modern World (Pope Paul VI)
Decree on the Mission Activity of the Church (Vatican II)
Maximizing Vocations (envoy magazine)
Adaptation and Renewal of Religious Life (Vatican II)

Being a well-informed Catholic (envoy magazine)
Can a Catholic pick and choose beliefs? (Dave Armstrong)
Shopping for a church? (Keith Fournier)
Reviving the Youth (envoy magazine)
Recovering Stray Catholics (envoy magazine)

Mixing Business and Faith Successfully

Lent: Call to Conversion
The Catholic Church and Conversion (G. K. Chesterton)


Protestant Denomination Distribution
Classifying Protestant Denominations
Schismatics and Anti-catholics
Salvation outside the Church

Pontifical Council for Inter-Religious Dialogue
"That They May Be One" (Encyclical by Pope John Paul II)
Decree on Ecumenism (Vatican II)
Union of Christendom (catholic encyclopedia)
Evangelicals and Catholics (CRNet)
The Church (forum post)
"That They May Be One" (webpage)
Is the RCC a member of the World Council of Churches?
RCC's relationship with the NCCC
Joint Declaration on Justification (between Lutheran & RCC)
Joint Declaration Documents from the Vatican | Commentary from the L’Osservatore Romano
==> Same Root (in CHINESE)

Swiss Guards!!
Ten Unique Ways to Evangelize
Bull of Indiction of the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000.
Apostolic Letter on Preparation for the Jubilee of the Year 2000.
A History of the Jubilee.
Lots of Images!
Corrections to the CCC
Prayers in Japanese & Latin
Information on some Saints (in Japanese)
Past Forum Discussions
Rosary in different languages!!
Religious Statistics
Academicians of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences
Vatican Diplomatic Relations (list of 172 states)
College of Cardinals!
Homily on the Canonization of Chinese Martyrs
Begone Satan! (exorcism story by Rev. Celestine Kapsner)
Kneeling before the Eucharist (Regis Scanlon)

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