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Race: Chinese
Height: 5'9.5" Weight: 145.5lbs Place of Birth: Hong Kong
Hair: Black Eyes: Dark Brown Arrival to Canada: July 5, 1983
Jacket: 40R Shirt: ? Residence: near Vancouver
Pant: 32 X 32 Shoe: 9.5US Immediate Family: Mom & Dad
Hat: ? -- Religion: Christianity: Roman Catholicism



Edibles: European, South-East Asian, snacks, H20 Clothing: business casual, semi-formal, t-shirt, sports shoes
Movie: kungfu, fantasy, science fiction, adventure, Disney & the like Superhero: Superman, Flash, Plastic Man, Astroboy
Music: Pachelbel's Canon, various others Song:  Alan Tam, Leon Lai, various others
Spectator: Basketball, tennis, soccer, classic ballroom, figure-skating, gymnastics Martial Arts: Wushu, wingchun
Car: Mercedes 600SEC, luxury sedans Exotic Car: Jaguar XJ220
Reading: magazines Arcade: race, gun, airplane, simulation



History: prehistoric, ancient, early church, Reformation, American church history
Social Science: sociology, psychology, human geography, anthropology, public administration, management science
Natural Science: human biology
Applied Science: technology (basically stuff that Popular Science covers), chinese medicine
Other: christian theology, philosophy, law, catholic apologetics





  • flying
  • parallel universe
  • time travel (the past)
  • inter-location portals
  • heart-soul connection (soulmates)
  • beaches
  • sunset/sunrise
  • vast green/flower fields
  • snow-capped mountains
  • garden parks
  • city night lights
  • Renaissance painting/sculpture
  • Chinese art/architecture
  • London Wax Museum
  • Disneyworld
  • Versailles
  • Holy Land/Vatican
  • Shaolin
  • old/ancient structures
  • Street of Dreams
  • International Auto Shows


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