NOTE that I did not produce or record any of the following files! The producers have credits up for viewing; just find it yourself.

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My Personal List of Real Audio Songs

Selections from Leon Lai's "If I can see you again" CD... ("If I can see you again" instrumental interlude) ("If I can see you again") ("Big picture and small details" instrumental) ("Big picture and small details") ("If I can see you again" japanese interlude)

Selected KennyG songs...
{beware the quality is really bad!}

Chinese Songs **now playing

English Songs (single) ** ** **

English Songs (Duets) ** ** ** **

English Songs (group)

Instrumentals **

This is a video clip taken from a 1991 HK movie "Two City Story" (a.k.a "Alan and Eric"). The background song is my number-one favorite song of all-time. I don't think I will ever hear another song (english or chinese) that will be better than this one.
...the video with Leon in it.

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