Spreading the Gospel or spreading religion?

The Gospel is a message of love and hope. It is not simply just telling people that God so loved the world that He sent His only Son Jesus Christ to die for us that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. It is also actually living out as living examples of this Love manifested. In doing so, are Christians especially evangelicals really spreading the Gospel or are they simply spreading religion? Some are quite respectful and leave you alone "as long as you have Jesus in your heart" or you "believe that Jesus died for you". Others, upon learning that I'm Catholic, will start questioning my beliefs. They seem to think that as long as I am Catholic, I still have "problems" and need to discard my Catholic beliefs right away. Since they have limited resources, it is my humble opinion that they should "spread the Gospel" to those who don't have any idea otherwise who Jesus Christ is and what He did.

Further, do some actually spread the Gospel or are they spreading their particular religious tradition? Is the Gospel just "accepting Jesus into your heart as Lord & Savior" and you will saved? Does being saved mean going up to heaven the very moment you die? Is that the Gospel? While defining the Gospel and explaining the theological dimensions of salvation are outside the scope of this page, I just want to point out those attitudes. Not that I am in anyway better or that I should be qualified to throw stones, but I do believe it is something to be aware of. Otherwise people might think that to spread the Gospel is actually to make people believe in your own particular beliefs. *That* ain't the Gospel. It is suppose to be a Gospel of Love, of Joy, and of Hope. Attacking other people's religious beliefs and not making any effort to actually research and verify other people's claims on what those beliefs really are is, I don't think, being good examples of the Gospel.

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