our Planet Earth
According to the media, NASA requires all astronauts to be Christians before they can go up into space. This is so that they can appreciate the fact that this universe was created by God. Living up to its reputation the media is of course wrong since NASA is a federal government agency. However, it is true that God created the universe!

Some International Sites

sucky government Although our money-wasting stubborn government makes the dumbest decisions, I nevertheless must thank the Lord for them.

Our DUMB Government | Bank of Canada | Elections

Immigration & Refugee | Department of Justice | National Defense | Canadian Security Intelligence Service | Parliament | the PM!

Canada Post | CBC | Environment | Health | Human Resources | Law Commission

Natural Resources | Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (formerly "Revenue Canada") | RCMP | Stats Canada | Supreme Court | Transport Canada

National Archives | Millenium Bureau | National Library

sucky government as well The NDP government has managed to screw up BC's economy even more than initially thought.

Legislative Assembly | Elections | Law Institute | Job Postings | Youth Options

BC Ferries | BC Hydro | ICBC | BC Transit | Rapid Transit | BC Assessment

BC Archives | BC Online | BC Stats | Superior Courts

Intergovernmental On-line Information | Riverview Hospital

Hong Kong!

Hong Kong Government | Immigration Department | Canadian Embassy | 1997 Handover | Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Hans Rule!!

China Today | Chinese Embassy in Washington, DC


White House | State/Local Gateway | the Pentagon | the Capitol | Central Intelligence Agency | US Army | National Guard | Federal Bureau of Investigation

Federal Comm's Commission | Federal Reserve | Federal Trade Commission | NASA Headquarters | Peace Corps | Federal Judiciary | Census Bureau | US General Services Department | The US Presidents

World-Wide Government Information
UN System
World Data
Asian Development Bank (fighting poverty)
Stats & Data Systems Div. (ADB)
North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
International Monetary Fund
Europa (European Union)
Inter-American Dev't Bank
Organization of American States
Org'n for Econ. Co-op'n and Dev't
World Trade Organization

Some Humanity Sites

Development & Peace

World Vision United Nations

Pro-Life Resources

Human Life Int'l

UN Human Rights


Year 2000 Conversion

Year 2000

Canadian Info2000


Hong Kong Year 2000

Unicef World Wildlife Fund World Bank American Life League Euro

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