Worship according to the Bible
worship according to the Bible (Forum Post)

Does the Bible actually give any clues as to what exactly is worship and how we should actually do it? For example, does it say that praying to anything or anyone is necessarily worship or do we have to decide that for ourselves?

Scott Hahn has often told the story of how, to his horror, he discovered the Catholic liturgy while serving as Pastor to a Presbyterian church. They wanted him to study for several hours every day to produce good sermans. The result was Scripture led him more and more to the Catholic liturgy.
Others may be able to tell you more about this.

You mean Scott Hahn, in his deeper studies of Scripture, found out how to worship God properly?
What about the Magisterium? How did they, through nineteen and a half centuries of Scripture study come up with ways to worship God and then end up worship levels which are claimed to be higher than those of Protestants? Some people think praying to anything or anyone is worshipping. Others think there is much more than that. I tend to be the latter.

...although Scripture, to my knowledge, did not specify. But correct me if I was wrong. That's why I asked the question.

JamesT, the liturgy is hoped to be patterned after the heavenly liturgy found in Revelation. In Scott Hahn's tape series "How to Get the Most Out of Mass", he explains this pretty well. I'd have to do some hunting for the early Church father ... but the liturgy of worship we use is very similar to the liturgy in the very early Church. Not much has changed (although I'm sure Augustine would argue that point!).

To my knowledge, the liturgy centers around Holy Communion, does it not? Jesus said, at the last supper, "Take, eat...This is my Body, which was given for you...Do this, in remembrance of me.
This is my Blood, which was shed for you and for many...as oft as ye shall drink it...Do this, in remembrance of me." It makes sense to me that Jesus intended us to worship Him in this fashion. Peace.

JamesT poses an interesting question, to which I respond with another: What, exactly, does "worship" mean to YOU? (I ask the question annually of my 6th graders, AND of their parents, and have accumulated a fascinating file of answers.) To define the word "worship" will give you a great clue as to what it personally means to you. (BTW, in the Scriptures, various words in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek all lend themselves to the meaning of "worship." Fascinating that the one word we focus on, despite the tens of thousands in our ever-growing vocabulary, wanes so small compared to the choices used when language was limited. God's peace!

Scott Hahn is fond of reminding folk that the Mass is full of Sacred Scripture from beginning to end. You can see this from, " The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, The love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you " to "Go in Peace".

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